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basis statement

on trust. 

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on purpose, science and technology.

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H. # premise.



as a basic premise for

humanity, by means to embrace and comprehend the being in its context, as a functional tool to boost opportunities for health

on a major scale. 


to stimulate efforts

and raising attention to the matter of human development through and for education. considering learning for

life and freedom.


aiming to promote topics

and policies to anchorage essential conditions of beings as significant parts of the unit, assuring the respect

of its needs of right.


a philanthropic perspective of the interconnected ecosystem.

en·dorse·ment /inˈdôrsment,enˈdôrsment/

"an issue received endorsement".

growing projects pivoting into accessibility concerns and motivation, standing foot on contributing to issues involving beings as integrative systems. in guidelines such as health, learning-development

and rights. an interface, to support the premise and impact systematically.

considering art, science and methodology as important aspects to provide effect and technology to sustain the act. through a holistic environment, respecting beings as unique pieces of expression, evolution and art. caring for the adoption and repercussion of the matter.

constantly developing requirements to uplift the value of the cause,

operating and communicating step by step. continuously and consciously

improving the mission to its final form, if there is one at all.


a rehearsal of what and why we progress for,

as beings.


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